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Welcome to the Carers’ Hearts blog.

This week I am so pleased to be able to share the launch of our first focus month, “March Male Carers Month”. We have a whole month of interviews and workshops, supporting the mental wellbeing of male carers.

In the UK male unpaid carers represent nearly 50% of individuals providing care for a loved one or friend. However, they are less likely to self-identify as an unpaid or working carer, there is very little research into the emotional and psychological challenges experienced by male carers and there few groups specifically to support them.

So, for our inaugural focus month, we want to shine a light on the mental wellbeing of male carers and have created a series of interviews with male unpaid and working carers and will be hosting two free one-hour workshops, specifically for male carers, discussing mental health first aid and mental fitness, run by two very experienced male coaches who specialise in male mental wellbeing.

The first of the free workshops for men and male carers is this Wednesday 3rd March at 12pm and called ‘Stress & the new normal – how to be your own best friend’ and is a practical & evidence-based workshop for male carers, which will provide practical tools to help to reduce stress & develop new habits. It doesn’t matter if they are at the beginning of their caring journey, currently caring or the active part of the role has now ended, they are most welcome.

There are only 4 places left on this great workshop, so if you would like to book a place please click on the Eventbrite link below. Alternatively, please can you share if know a man, whether they are carers or not, they would be most welcome.

Stress & the new normal – how to be your own best friend’ 3rd March 12pm.


The first interview is with the founder of Men Care Too in Australia, Greg Smith. He shares his own experiences of being a young carer and now as an adult unpaid carer, he supports other male carers with his great work. This interview will be published on our podcast on March 10 and an overview of that inspiring interview will be also be published as a blog version here.

The next interview is with David and Richard, which will be published on March 17. David cares for Richard, but Richard himself was a young carer and also has experience of the paid caring role. The dynamics between them and the open and honest conversations that they have with me are really insightful, so, really looking forward to sharing that with you soon

Then on March 25 at 7.30pm we are pleased to share the second and last free men’s mental wellbeing workshop with Sak, an experienced coach and trainer, who specialises in men’s mental fitness and supporting men’s, not just male carers, mental wellbeing.

Sak’s workshop “Take control of your mental fitness and prepare for life’s challenges”, is a practical & evidence-based workshop for male carers, will provide practical tools to help you to take control of your mental wellbeing. So, to get yourself booked on to this inspiring workshop, please click on the Eventbrite link below.

“Take control of your mental fitness and prepare for life’s challenges”


Then we will be finishing off the months thought-provoking interviews with Brian, a working male carer, who also champions other working carers, not only in his department but also across larger government departments. His informative and inspiring interview will be published as a podcast and blog on March 31.

Thank you so much for reading this post. We hope you share the details about the workshops and watch or listen out for brilliant interviews, as a real opportunity to hear how men have taken on the caring role, in their own ways and share with us how they manage the emotional challenges of being a male carer. We hope you can join us again next time and remember, what a special thing it is that you do.

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