Happy New Year and welcome to the first day of my RESET 2021 challenge and year of fundraising.

There is little I can say about 2020 that probably hasn’t already been said. For some it has brought sorrow and tragedy, for others, challenges on an epic scale, but for some it has been a year of renewed connections, finding a sense of community and reflecting on what is important to them.

Despite the challenges of caring for a vulnerable loved one during this pandemic, I am lucky that through research, learning and exploring what is really important to me, I found hope and a sense of connection and community, that I know have been missing in my life for a long time and I am grateful for that.

So, with that hope and sense of being part of something so much bigger than myself, I start my challenge today.

I am under no illusions there will be days when I will wonder what on earth made me commit to this! But I trust in the processes I have put in place and the strength I can draw on from friends and peers.

The other MAJOR campaign of 2021 will be to raise £1000 for Thanet Disabled Riding Centre, a wonderful, small charity who support a range of riders who ride with their SEN schools or units. They also support other independent riders.

They support those who are visually or hearing impaired, cerebral palsy (physical disabilities) and various complex learning difficulties. Particularly those on the ASD spectrum.

They tailor their riding sessions to build on the rider’s strengths and improve their weaknesses through various fun exercises and games, so that they don’t even realise that they are working!

The wonderful ponies also help with this as their constant movement is like physio for the riders. The riders range from about 18 months old and we have had riders up to their 50s and the sessions are regularly booked out.  

It costs around £150 a day to run the centre and due to COVID they have had to temporarily close to the public, so are completely reliant on the general public’s generosity and group organisations donations to survive.

Please help me to help them, so they can keep on supporting the riders who enjoy and benefit from working with their equine friends, when they can open again in 2021. 

This is the link to the fundraising page

My personal challenge pales into insignificance compared to the dedication and wonderful work of the volunteers at Thanet Disabled Riding Centre. I would be truly grateful if you could make a donation, however, small and thank you so much in advance for your contribution to this great cause it means the world to me.  I promise I will do my part by keeping to my goals for the whole of 2021, no wine and no treats, but it will definitely worth it to be able to support them.

So, here we go! Sending you all the warmest of best wishes for 2021 and remember you are most welcome to join me on my personal journey and hope you can support a cause which is so close to my heart. Thank you

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